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The MultiSports Group Proudly Celebrates
'23 Years' of Fabulous Weekend Sport!

The MultiSports Group of Schools

Is a Fun and Safe Environment

MultiSports Aylesbury is about introducing youngsters to a wide range of sports, harvesting potential no matter how great or small, and developing life skills such as confidence, self worth, fair play, generosity and teamwork - all in a fun and safe environment.

The weekly MultiSports  School is for a three-hour period (90 minutes for 4 & 5 year olds) during which time students attend classes in three core subjects – Team Sports, Individual Sports and Team Building Challenges. The sports run for modules of 4 weeks, this is usually 3 weeks of skill based learning leading to inter house tournaments in week four. The sports then switch.


The school year is divided into three terms running concurrently with the normal academic year. Across a year students will experience and enjoy 18 different sports plus weekly themed Team Building Challenges. All our coaches are professional, experienced and DBS checked.


A week long workshop runs in the summer holidays and regular one day events happen throughout the year. Please contact us if you would like to go on our mailing list for up and coming events.

Core Areas

Focusing on 3 different aspects of development, at MultiSports Aylesbury your child will come to know and understand themselves and grow into a well rounded individual and to top that they will make lots of new MultiSports friends!